Today’s educational system is highly influenced by technology. Students are no longer reading books to do their homework and prepare for tests. They use apps and studying tools instead which help them understand concepts easier. What is more, there are plenty of tools available to help college students stay organized and prepare their research papers. On the other hand, as the offer is incredibly generous, it becomes difficult sometimes for students to decide which tool helps them in their urgent assignments. Therefore, this article is going to show you which are the top 7 tools to improve college students’ performance.

Top 7 Tools for College Students

  1. Grammarly

This tool is extremely helpful for college students as it helps them with their writing assignments. Not all the students have great writing skills and are able to write a paper without any grammar or spelling errors. Grammarly is ideal for this category of students who need help when writing their papers. What is more, this tool does not only correct the writing, but it also helps in vocabulary enhancement. Moreover, this tool checks if the paper is 100% original and it marks those paragraphs which need rephrasing. There are not only students who use this tool, but also professional writers. For example, the team at where you can hire someone to write a paper counts on this tool.  

  1. MindGenius

College comes with a lot of assignments which might scare college students. Therefore, a tool which helps them stay organized is extremely helpful. This tool can be easily downloaded, and students can organize their day-by-day activities so that they are able to meet college requirements. If they are not sure whether this is the right tool for them, students can use it for 30 days for free. In addition, it is very easy to use as students can choose the template they like and start filling it with their homework and schedule.

  1. WritingHouse

During the college years, students will have to write a lot of research papers. After spending days and sleepless nights preparing their academic paper, most students have difficulties in writing the bibliography. Fortunately, there is a tool also for that. WritingHouse can generate bibliography for any academic paper. You can choose the citation style you want to use, and the tool will do the rest for you. Experienced paper writers, like the team at, use this tool to generate a bibliography for the papers they write. The writing team at also use this tool.

  1. HowToStudy

There are many students who have difficulties in finding the best methods to study. However, there has not been yet discovered a universal method to help students study better and easier. Fortunately, there are various tools which offer valuable guidelines for college students who want to obtain better grades. HowToStudy is such a tool which reveals the secrets of effective and organized studying.

  1. Gutenberg

College life involves a lot of studying and researching. Students receive a lot of assignments for which they have to read a lot. Gutenberg is an excellent tool for college students as it offers a variety of ebooks which they can download without any cost. For a student who needs to finish a research paper, this tool is a goldmine.

  1. Udemy

It is absolutely normal that college students have certain preferences when it comes to classes. Udemy offers information on a variety of subjects. Thus, depending on their interests, students can dig deeper with this tool and find more about their favorite subject.

  1. Gradesaver

Even though you don’t study at Harvard, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use their study guides. This tool puts at your disposal a variety of study guides which have been written and checked by successful students at Harvard. Gradesaver comes with an amazing list of tips which can help any student obtain better grades.

College life is memorable and challenging. Students have a lot of tools nowadays which they can use to improve their grades and make their college years easier. The above tools have proven results and have been tested by college students around the world.